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The MDMW Value to provide more efficient medical waste management that will help your health care facility to reduce its overall costs.

"It is our mission to be compliant, customer-focused, cost-effective, and reliable with the disposal of medical and biohazard waste materials at all times."

MDMW was started by a professional in the industry who was tired of the inconvenient and poor service schedules, skyrocketing waste removal rates, and unreasonable contract terms offered by another dominating medical waste removal company in the State of Michigan. With MDMW, medical professionals now have other more flexible and more affordable medical waste removal options with guaranteed exceptional service. We offer full collection, transfer, treatment, and processing of all medical waste while remaining fully compliant with OSHA regulations.

Here at MDMW, we understand the need for an eco-friendly environment. Our founder is dedicated to greener healthcare practices, and there is no exception to medical waste transport, which is why we are committed to Eco-friendly practices throughout our entire business.

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Above all, our company values sustainability, innovation & excellent customer services. You can trust us to bring you the best in the business.


Extensive knowledge of industry trends & best practices, ensuring workplace safety.


Commitment to safe practices, with thorough knowledge of regulations.

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Dedicated to providing outstanding customer experiences

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